Monitoring and Protection of Industrial Networks and Devices - but how?

Mar 09, 2018

Those who are concerned about the topic of 'IT Security' in Industrial Networks and production facilities should not reach for "tried and tested". The usual 'IT Security Tools' familiar from company networks are often unsuitable or even dangerous here.
Before thinking about suitable protection measures and possible IT Security products and solutions, the existing installation, including communication-protocols, -paths and -processes, must first be understood. The standard information sources available, such as typically SNMP-based network management systems, already provide valuable information about the existing infrastructure. However, this basic information should be enriched with additional information, as much as possible and available, in order to obtain a complete picture of the situation as accurately as possible.

The tools to be used for this purpose should all be passive and obtain their information from 'listening' on the network. Under no circumstances should active tools such as network scanners be used, which can cause great damage very quickly in such environments.

This brings us back to the topic of 'Network Monitoring', which has always been a very important or even the most important element of any 'Security Infrastructure' at 1stmarkets. For us, a good 'Security Infrastructure' must be flexible and adaptable enough to cope with the immense challenges and multitude of new requirements of today's IT environments. This means that all security- and monitoring-components and tools used are permanently and securely supplied with the real-time data they require. This should always be coupled with freeing the existing network infrastructure from unnecessary data traffic. This applies to both, the corporate IT and the industrial network environment.

Especially in industrial networks and production facilities, it is often a challenge to find the most suitable monitoring systems and tools for the respective task due to the communication protocols and transmission paths used.

1stmarkets has been using passive and non-invasive network and data access solutions since the year 2005 to provide all the security and monitoring components with the required real-time data. For us, this is the basis for all existing and planned monitoring and security measures in Industrial Networks and production facilities.

If you need support in setting up or extending your 'Security Infrastructure' or implementing your 'Monitoring' tasks, we are at your service with advice and assistance.

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