Do you always know what's happening in your network?

We provide the necessary visibility in real-time to protect your business against cyber threats.

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There is no "One-Size-Fits-All" and "unexplainable Magic" in Cyber Security.

‚ÄĆEvery IT-/OT-environment is different and so are the existing vulnerabilities. We are taking this into account and will provide you with the visibility needed to protect your business.

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Security starts with architecture and design. We support you to build the best possible foundation for your cyber and information security solution. Ensuring you get the most out of your existing and new tools.


Depending on your needs we help to design your cyber security solution. Always based on your existing products and technologies as well as on new and complementary products and solutions.


In case you don't want to implement the new products and solutions into your environment we will take care of this. We or our partners support what we deliver and implement. It all depends on your needs.


Just in case you need training on your new products and solutions. We or our partners will deliver an online, or if possible an on-premise, training session or workshop for you and your team.

We evaluate, design and implement

Careful evaluation is an important part before a decision for a Cyber Security Solution can be made. It lays the foundation for the decision on the technology as well as the vendor and products. There are many moving targets in the process that we care about. Every step on the way will be checked with your team to make sure you get what you asked for.

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