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Data-Centric-Security, Security-Monitoring and GDPR-Compliance-Solutions
for all your Network, Big-Data and Industrial Workloads.
We design the perfect solution.



Our solutions can be seamlessly integrated into existing office and industrial environments and offer you full transparency of your data. We create your enterprise-wide, flexibly scalable infrastructure for all big data, security and compliance requirements.


For more than 13 years we have been offering our customers consulting and professional services around our solution portfolio. We also offer services such as security checks, vulnerability analysis, installation and update services as well as maintenance and support services.


We work closely with partners in various areas to ensure that we can always provide the best possible service and consistent quality within the required timeframe. Our partners include manufacturers, technology partners and service partners.


We focus on compliance and security projects and the appropriate out-of-band infrastructure to provide you with a secure and accurate 360° view of your business data. A flexibly scalable "out-of-band" infrastructure provides the optimal basis for many of today's IT tasks. Especially in the areas of big data, security, compliance, monitoring and troubleshooting where often the "needle in a haystack" has to be found. And mostly in real time. Together, we develop tailor-made solutions fitting your requirements. Especially for use in industrial environments where data integrity and availability are paramount, we ensure that the systems, applications and concepts we use do not allow to change or even lose your production data. Do you want full access to your data in no time and at the same time relieve your IT infrastructure from unnessary overhead? We will show you how your enterprise-wide backbone can be adapted for all your big data, security and compliance requirements. Let us protect your information now!


Consulting and professional services around our solution portfolio have been a matter of course for us from the very beginning. The products and solutions supported by 1stmarkets can be classified in the areas of network and data access, security and compliance. Through our close technology partnerships, we are able to offer new and innovative IT technologies in order to be able to meet special and sometimes unusual requirements. Product trainings and workshops for the products and solutions we offer are a matter of course. And in the event of a problem, we support you with the necessary maintenance and support services. In addition, with the support of independent partners, we can also offer you a wide range of services such as security checks, risk and vulnerability analyses and audits. Let us know how we can support you!


The cooperation with partners in the fields of technology and services enables us to offer a comprehensive service and support, while maintaining the same high quality. You can rely on 1stmarkets and its partner network of manufacturers, system integrators, IT service providers and auditors. We support you with products, solutions and services in the areas of IT security, compliance, data access and big data for both office and industrial environments.

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