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Founded in 2004, 1stmarkets GmbH, based near Munich/Germany, offers market-leading solutions for provisioning, processing, and securing your business data and sensible information according to international standards.
‌No matter which topic you are interested in: Big-Data, IT-/OT-Security, Network-Security-Monitoring, Compliance- or Performance-Monitoring. We will design the perfect solution for your tasks and requirements. Our solutions offer you the flexibility and security you need to access all your data immediately and at any time, without affecting your network or production data.
‌Never again you will have to wait for one of the rare maintenance windows. Our solutions are suitable for use in production environments where data integrity, availability, and information security have the highest priority. At the same time, you always have access to your "original data" (physical layer), relieve your infrastructure (switches, routers, firewalls, etc.) of redundant data, and reduce your reaction time with increased flexibility and lower costs.
In addition, we offer Managed Cyber Security Services for IT and OT applications. These services evolved from our initial hardware-based Monitoring Solutions and transformed into our cloud-native services with a zero carbon footprint. These Managed Services are based on the IndustryTrust Platform and the ZeroTrust Platform.

The Leadership Team

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Rolf Wichter

CEO / Co-Founder

Rolf is an electronics engineer and runs the 1stmarkets GmbH, Germany. Before, he held leadership roles in US and German companies.

Marius Bratan

COO / Co-Founder

Marius has roots in several countries in Europe and is living in the United States, running 1stmarkets, Inc. with offices in Dallas/Texas.

What can we do for you?

Contact us if you want to improve your security architecture, make better use of existing security tools and extend their lifecycle, or continuously monitor and reduce your organization's attack surface.

Ask us ...

  • Klaus M.
    (Service Provider, CIO)
    You guys know exactly what you do and why!
    It's fun to work with you. Thank you.

  • Martin L.
    (Utility Company, Head of Security)
    It's always a pleasure to work with you.
    You guys always stick to your promises. Thank you.

  • Michael T.
    (Media Services, Network Engineer)
    Incredible service. Everything is exactly to our expectations.
    I will recommend your services.