Managed Cyber Security Services

1stmarkets Managed Cyber Security Services for OT-Environments.

Our Managed Services are based on purpose-built Technology Platforms

We provide Managed Cyber Security Services protecting Operational Technology (OT) environments. The requirements in IT and OT environments are very different and at the same time we see an ever-increasing merging of these two worlds, which leads to major challenges in cyber security. Our OT Cyber Security Services are running on the 1stmarkets IndustryTrust Platform. This technology platform is constantly being developed and updated. All services are offered from highly secure and redundant cloud data centers in Germany. Read on or get in touch with us to learn more about our IndustryTrust Services.

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Our Managed Services

IndustryTrust Platform
OT Cyber Security

The 1stmarkets IndustryTrust Platform is the foundation for all of our OT Cyber Security Services.

IndustryTrust embedded
OT Cyber Security

IndustryTrust embedded Services protect your industrial remote production sites against all cyber threats.

More Managed Services
Managed Security

We are building further ITP based Cyber Security Services for advanced new protection capabilities.

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